• What A Body Needs

    Battle Berries are fresh-frozen aronia berries, and they might just be the healthiest food on earth. Click here to learn how they can help you prepare, endure, and recover.

  • They Do the Heavy Lifting

    Why natural, raw Battle Berries instead of pills or powders? Because our ingredient list is "aronia berries," and that one ingredient blows everything else out of the water. Click here to find out how.

It Begins on the Inside

What makes you stop? Do you stop when you want to, or when your body says “no more”? What if you could tell your body, “keep moving…”

We’re finding more and more proof that what shapes the outside of the body begins on the inside. But artificial concoctions of dust and pills can’t be the way we are intended to prepare for, endure, and recover from a workout.

There are superfoods, and then there are off-the-chart-you-gotta-be-kidding-me foods: we call them Battle Berries. Battle Berries are specialty aronia berries, frozen within three hours of being picked to lock in the nutrition. And they’re the boldest, baddest berries you’ll ever meet.

When your workout kicks your butt, kick back with Battle Berries. Battle Berries can get you back to your workout sooner, while your friends are still recovering from the same workout you’re laughing off. We can’t think of a more natural, safe advantage. Are you Battle Berries ready?